Last year, I released an app called “Civicz”, which allows you to locate your local representatives, as well as view information about what’s going on in Congress.

The Backstory

I noticed that recently that the app was giving stale results. It turns out, it’s because a new congress is now in session, and the app was requesting data for the previous one!

I originally just went through the source code, updated some URLs to reflect the latest congress number and that was it. But as I was going through the source code, I kept finding ways that I could have refactored my code. And, now that I have learned React, what would it be like to rewrite Civicz as a React app.

Announcing Civicz v2.0

Civicz 2.0 is available now! Let me know if you find any issues, or have any suggestions for improvement!

The Experience

When I first wrote the app, I was new to the Angular framework.